Lock Every Door - Riley Sager

Is this going to be a kind of "celebrity death match"situation between the regular "legacy" tenants and the apartement sitters? Are the "legacy" tenants members of a secret cult? Do the "legacy" tenants kill the apartement sitters in a ritual killing?


I don´t blame them if they do, as bad as this may sound. Jules is TSTL and Ingrid is a manic pixie dream girl, so both of them are perfect victims for some occultish killings.


Or is this a book, in which the hunky, sexy Surgeon from next door (Dr. Nick) is your run-of-the-mill serial killer?


So yeah, this book is incredibly stupid. But it´s not as annoying as some of the other books I have listened to over the last couple of weeks. I might actually be able to finish this one.