Lord Edgware Dies (Audio) - Agatha Christie, Hugh Fraser

"[...] Do you realize what that means to me? When the criminal sets out to do a crime his first effort is to deceive. Who does he seek to deceive? The image in the mind is that od the normal man. There is probably no such thing actually - it is a mathematical abstraction. But you came as near to realizing it as is possible. There are moments when you have flashes of brilliance when you rise above the average (I hope you will pardon me) when you descend to curious depths of obtuseness, but take it all for all, you are amazingly normal. Eh bien, how does this profit me? Simply in this way. As in a mirror I see reflected in your mind exactly what the criminal wishes me to believe. That is terrificly helpful and suggestive."

I did not quite understand. It seemed to me that what Poirot was saying was hardly complimentary.


LoL. I don´t think so either. Hastings is adorable.