Benighted - J.B. Priestley

"We´ll play Truth," said Penderel. "It´s just the moment to play it."

"So they have turned it into a game now, have they?" cried Mr Femm in his thin, bitte voice. "It was high time the did."

Sir William looked puzzled. "Don´t seem to know it, and don´t like the sound of it. How d´you play it? Hope it isn´t one of those games that make you use paper and pencil, like so many kids at school. If it is, you can count me out. I hate ´em."

"So do I," cried Gladys. "Is it one of them?"

"It´s the simplest game in the world," Penderel explained. "Indeed you can hardly call it a game.We just go on talking but we stop lying. We simply ask one another questions, and these questions must be answered truthfully. You have to be on your honour to answer as truthfully as you can." 


Seriously, you want to play that game while being stuck in this super creepy house?