Over the Edge of the World: Magellan's Terrifying Circumnavigation of the Globe (P.S.) - Laurence Bergreen

Although he had no experience at sea, Juan the Cartagena found himself leading one of the largest maritime expeditions mounted by Spain. This bizarre situation had much to do with his relationship with the man who appointed him, Archbishop Fonseca. Cartagena was considered Fonseca´s nephew, but as everyone realized, that term was a euphemism: In reality Cartagena was Fonseca´s illegitimate son. Nor was he the only example of this peculiar brand of nepotism. The fleet´s accountant, Antonio de Coca, was the "nephew" of Fonseca´s brother. Not only that, but Fonseca appointed two close "friends" and "servants" of his as captains of two of the ships; [...]


Well, this book doesn´t let me down on the drama front. And Magellan isn´t even on his way yet.