The Thirteenth Tale - Diane Setterfield

I had hoped that I would like this book more than I actually did. But as it often is with books that have a story inside a story, I ended up liking one of the stories while the other one was a complete dud.


In this case I liked the story set in the past, told by Vida Winter to young Margaret Lea. Especially the ending of her storyline was gripping and left me with a profound sadness, even though I wasn´t a big fan of the twin plot in general throughout the whole book.


And then there is Margarets story. I found Margaret boring and bland and her twin "issues" felt incredibly contrived. And I especially disliked how Setterfield treated the mother within the story. She felt like a villanous kind of character, even though I was under the impression that she suffered from a mental illness. So there was a lot of beating around the bush in regards to the mother, which annoyed me immensely.


So in the end this book was ok and it wasn´t a complete waste of time. But since I had high hopes for this novel, I feel a bit disappointed as well.