Penhallow - Georgette Heyer

I went into Penhallow thinking that this was a murder mystery. I was wrong about that. This was a bleak and depressing drama about a dysfunctional family, a family drama which I didn´t enjoy.


And I tend to like  stories about dysfunctional families and I don´t mind bleak stories. But there is just a certain amount of bleakness that I can stomach. 230-250 or maybe 300 pages, that is enough. But Heyer goes on for 430 pages, dragging her characters through the mud and without a moment of reprieve for them. Everything is bleak, bleak, bleak ... all the time. And not a single one of these characters were likable, so they deserved what they got. But the negativity that went on and on and on for pages upon pages really got to me in the end and at some point I became competely and utterly annoyed by this book. 


Btw, old Penhallow dies on page 300. Heyer could easily have killed him of after 100 pages and so and I think I would have liked this book in the end. Definitely not a book that I would recommend to anyone.