Task 3: Prophets are messengers. Tell us: Which book characters are your favorite messengers (no matter whether humans, angels, (demi)gods, etc.)?


My favorite messenger, the god Hermes, has already been mentioned in another post. So instead I´m giving you my favorite messenger that I love to hate.


Ladies and Gentleman, here comes the master of talking BS:




Dune´s Paul Atreides. He is perceived as some kind of prophet by the freeman on the planet Dune, and yet he isn´t able to give a convincing speech:


Paul said: "There is in each of us an ancient force that takes and an ancient force that gives. A man finds little difficulty facing that place within himself where the taking force dwells, but it´s almost impossible for him to see into the giving force without changing into something other than man. For a woman, the situation is reversed." [...]

"These things are so ancient with us," Paul said, "that they´re ground into each separate cell of our bodies. We´re shaped by such forces. You can say to yourself, "Yes, I see how such a thing may be." But when you look inward and confront the raw force of your own life unshielded, you see your peril. You see that this could overwhelm you. The greatest peril to the Giver is the force that takes. The greatest peril to the Taker is the force that gives. It´s as easy to be overwhelmed by giving as by taking."


Yeah, whatever, Paul.


Seriously, after this I would seek another religious movement to follow.