Task 1: Pick your ponies! MbD has posted the horses scheduled to race; everyone picks the three they think will finish (in any order).


I´m not even sure if the horses I have picked have made it over the finish line ;). They certainly didn´t win, so no extra points for me.


Task 2: Cup day is all about the hats. Post a picture of your favorite hat, whether it’s one you own or not.


Unfortunately I don´t have a dog or someone else I can place my hat on for a photo. But here is a picture of my favorite hat, exclusively worn in the summer:



I love the casual look of a Stetson hat.


Task 3: The coloring of the “horse of a different color” in the movie version of The Wizard of Oz was created by rubbing the horse’s fur with jello. What’s the weirdest use of jello you’ve ever come across?


Well, as a native Schleswig-Holsteiner, I´m not afraid to say it: we eat some weird food (Schwarzsauer ... shudder). A huge favorite is Sauerfleisch, which is meat (of whatever kind) in jello. But not your ordinary, dull jello. No, the jello tastes acidic.




One day I´m going to try Sauerfleisch, it´s supposed to be very tasty. But so far I couldn´t get myself to eat it.