Monk's Hood  - Ellis Peters

"Yes. I had to keep the extra dish hot there until the other was eaten, and to see to the serving. And Aelfric always eats there. And Meurig, when he visits..." She paused for only a second,  faint flush mantling in her cheeks: "... he keeps me company."

So that was the way the wind blew. Well, no wonder, she was indeed a very pretty creature.


Brother Cadfaels main interests in life:


a) His garden and his herbs

b) The feelings of the young people he encounters. I love how he cherishes love between people (and the falling in love). I really like this side of his character.

c) And of course murder. This time around it´s a pretty ghastly one.


I will be reading this book for:



The Brother Cadfael series is finished (dead) series.