On our last day in Amsterdam we went on a canal boat tour and it is fascinating how different the city looks from this perspective. I´m so glad we did this tour, but I´m also a little bit sad, because we didn´t hit upon the Poezenboat.


After the tour we went into the red light district, taking a look at the Oude Kirk:



But we were completely tired that day and after having eaten delicious Thai food, we went to our appartement and slept for an hour before heading back to town to watch a movie at the Pathé Tuchinsky.


The Pathé Tuchinsky is a cinema located in a wonderful Art Deco building:



We went to see Bohemian Rhapsody and I loved this movie so much. The movie might have taken some liberties in its story telling, but I didn´t care. Rami Malek perfomance as Freddie Mercury was outstanding. The way he moves and performes in this movie, he isn´t just playing Freddie Mercury, he IS Freddie Mercury.

I thought the casting for the whole band was outstanding and it was an utterly moving and gripping experience to watch this movie.


Oh, and before the movie started a brass big band played Queen songs and OMG, these guys were amazing:



We really did finish our visit on a high note.