On our first full day in Amsterdam we went to the Anne Frank house and along the way we got a first glimpse of the city, which is really beautiful with its canals and old buildings:




(Anne Frank house. Being in the secret annex was a harrowing and deeply moving experience)


And in the afternoon we went to the microbe museum Micropia and oh my, what a great great place this is:


(In this lab they cultivate the microbes for the exhibition)


(Bioluminescent bacteria)


(Tongue bacteria)


(Petri dishes - these remind me of my own student days. We swapped a toilet and a coffee mug in the microbiological departement and take a guess, which item contained more bacteria?)




(Adenovirus, which causes the common cold).


These glass sculptures by an artist named Luke Jerram were stunningly beautiful. I really want to own one of these.


And I bought quite a few things for myself today and I‘m doing a huge „what I bought“ post when I‘m back home again. The only thing I will tell you is that I bought Stephen Fry‘s „Heroes“ and I want to read it right now. So I‘m putting Josephine Tey‘s „Brat Farrar“  on the backburner for now.