After having bought some more books today, I have to face the facts: my TBR is getting out of hand.


So I have come up with a plan. Every now and then I´m going to pick three books off of my fiction TBR and I will be reading the first chapter / the first couple of pages, deciding which book to read next based on these very first glimpses into the books. That way I can decide as well, if the book is worth bothering at all or if I should give it away to charity (if it doesn´t hold my interest, I´m going to do that).

However, I will exlude the Terry Pratchett books and my entire golden age mystery book collection from this endeavor, since I want to read them anyway at some point.


For the first round I have read the first 14 pages of the following books:


Frederica - Georgette Heyer  The Black Echo - Michael Connelly  Mythos: The Greek Myths Retold - Stephen Fry  




The books starts off with a meeting between the Marquis of Alverstoke and his sister, who demands of her brother that he has to throw a party in honour of her daughter Jane. There isn´t a whole lot of love between the siblings and the Marquis not so politely refuses to throw said party.


The first chapter was quite fun and I´m intrigued by the characters. Definitely not a book that is going to charity, even though I´m a bit apprehensive about it. I have yet to find a romance book that convinces me to try out this genre in earnest. I hope this is going to be it.


The Black Echo:


So far Bosch has smoked 20 cigarettes and a body has turned up in a pipe at the Mulholland Dam. How did the body get into the pipe? Who is it? How has this person died? I really want to know.




Rhea [...] suggested that her brother Kronos, the last of these strong beautiful children, might very well like the idea of deposing his father. She, Rhea, had heard him many times cursing Ouranos and his power.

"Really?" cried Gaia. "You say so? Well, where is he?"

"He´s probably mooching around down by the caves of Tartarus. He and Tartarus get on so well. They´re both dark. Moody. Mean. Magnificient. Cruel."

"Oh god, don´t tell me you´re in love with Kronos..."

"Put in a good word for me, mummy, please! He´s just so dreamy. Those black flashing eyes. The thunderous brows. The long silences."


Remember Tartarus was a primordial being too, who was born out of Chaos at the same time as Gaia. So when she approached him, they greeted each other as family members will.

"Gaia, you put on weight."

"You look a mess, Tartarus."

"What the hell do you want down here?"

"Shut up for once and I´ll tell you..."


Oh, the family drama. LoL!



So, which book to read next? I´m sure I want to read these three books very soon, because I was intrigued by all of them.


But ....... I think I will pick this one up first, because it already made me laugh quite a bit:


Mythos: The Greek Myths Retold - Stephen Fry