Meg - Steve Alten

His naval career had left him little time for a social life, and when the beautiful blond showed signs of flirting, Jonas asked her out on a date. The following week he invited Maggie to the Galapagos Islands during her last spring break. She accompanied him on one his dives in the Alvin submersible, after which things got hot and heavy.


I´m sorry, but ever since the Swedish journalist Kim Wall has been brutally murdered on a submarine, I cannot picture this as something romantic. I actually frowned quite a bit while reading that.


Otherwise the scene has been set. The Meg has trashed an unmanned submersible in the Mariana Trench and Jonas´ wife Maggie has become Ellen 2.0. Thankfully Jonas doesn´t become another Vic. He just punched Maggie´s lover in the face. I couldn´t help it, but I cheered a little bit.