Deep Water - Patricia Highsmith, Gillian Flynn

In a few minutes he came out again, grinning. "Say, Vic, how about me getting two or three dozen of your snails? I know a plain butter and garlic sauce that you can´t beat anywhere! A child could make it and it tastes as good as New Orleans!" He slammed his palms together and rubbed them. "Do you want to get `em or shall  I? Melinda said I ought to ask you first."

"The snails are not for eating," Vic said.



Oh my gosh, that was one goddamn awful dinner party. The characters are living in a hell of their own making and at this point it feels like they truly are out to destroy each other, even though


Melinda has announced that she is going to divorce Vic.

(show spoiler)

Yeah, somehow I don´t think she will do that.