Deep Water - Patricia Highsmith, Gillian Flynn

She was chewing her underlip as if his words tortured her - perhaps with temptation. "I´m not finished with you yet. I´d like to destroy you. I´d like to smash you."

He opened his hands again, lightly: "It´s been done. There´s always arsenic in the soup. But my taste buds are pretty good. Then there´s -"

"I didn´t mean kill you. You´re so - nuts, I don´t suppose you´d mind that very much. I´d like to smash your lousy ego!"

"Haven´t you? Darling, what more could you do than what you´ve been doing? What do you think I´m living on?"




Jesus, both are horrible. I admire Melinda for her gumption, even though she has made the wrong decision in that moment.