Wyrd Sisters  - Terry Pratchett

My first foray into the Witches subseries and oh boy, what an adventure it was. I thoroughly enjoyed this book, even though I haven´t been able to pick up all the references and subtleties the story has to offer due to not having read most of Shakespeare´s plays (I really have to read Hamlet and Macbeth before rereading Wyrd Sisters).


The story works best, though, whenever the witches or the fool are making an appearance. The whole passage with Tomjon and the theatre group has been a bit boring and the story picks up again as soon as the characters are back in Lancre again. But since the theatre group is essential to the plot and one of my favorite scenes takes place at the theatre (Granny Weatherwax´ and Nanny Oggs first visit to the theatre had me in stitches), I can live with a couple of slow moving pages.