Wyrd Sisters  - Terry Pratchett

Ah, the concept of headology is put to use. Or in other words, just use whatever you´ve got if you want to do an invocation and believe in it:


"We conjure an abjure thee by means of this---" Granny hardly paused --- "sharp and terrible copper stick."

The waters in the boiler rippled gently.

"Se how we scatter---" Magrat sighed --- "rather old washing soda and some extremely hard soap flakes in thy honour. Really, Nanny, I don´t think ---"

"Silence! Now you, Gytha."

"And I invoke and bind thee with the balding scrubbing brush of Art and the washboard of Protection," said Nanny, waving it. The wringer attachment fell off


I love how practical minded the witches are.  Even though the summoned demon isn´t quite as impressed as I am:


"My name is unpronounceable in your tongue, woman" it said.

"I´ll be the judge of that," warned Granny, and added, "Don´t you call me woman."

"Very well. My name is WxrtHltl-jwlpklz," said the demon smugly.

"Where were you when the vowels were handed out? Behind the door?" said Nanny Ogg.

"Well, Mr -" Granny hesitated only fractionally - "WxrtHltl-jwlpklz, I expect you´re wondering why we called you here tonight."

"You´re not supposed to say that," said the demon. "You´re supposed to say-"

"Shut up. We have the sword of Art and the octagram of Protection. I warn you."

"Please yourself. They look like a washboard and a copper stick to me," sneered the demon.