Clouds of Witness - Dorothy L. Sayers

"The position of the fingers being towards the house appears, does it not, to negative the suggestion of dragging?" suggested Sir Impey.

Sir Wigmore, however, put it to the witness that the wounded man might have been dragged head foremost.

"If now," said Sir Wigmore, "I were to drag you by the coat-collar - my lords will grasp my contention - "

"It appears," obeserved the Lord High Steward, "to be a case for solvitur ambulando. " (Laughter.) "I suggest that when the House rises for lunch, some of us should make the experiment, choosing a member of similar height and weight to the deceased." (All the noble lords looked round at one another to see which unfortunate might be choosen for the part.)



The Lord High Stewart surely knows how to ruffle the feathers of the noble lords.