Clouds of Witness - Dorothy L. Sayers

"For instance, now, here´s a stain on the hem of this skirt, just at the bottom of the side-seam. Now, supposing it was a case of murder, we´ll say, and the person who had worn this skirt was suspected, I should examine that stain." (Here Mr Bunter whipped a lens out of his pocket.) "Then I might try it at one edge with a wet handkerchief." (He suited the action to the word.) "And I should find, you see, it came of red. Then I should turn the skirt inside-out, I should see that the stain went right through, and I should take my scissors" (Mr Bunter produced a small, sharp pair) "and a snip off a tiny bit of the inside edge of the seam like this" (he did so) "and pop it into a little pill-box, so" (the pill-box appeared magically from the inside pocket), "and seal it up both sides with a wafer, and write on top "Lady Mary Wimsey´s skirt", and the date. Then I should send it straight off to the analytical gentleman in London, and he´d look through his microscope, and tell me right off that it was a rabbit´s blood, maybe, and how many days it had been there, and that would be the end of that," finished Mr Bunter triumphantly, replacing his nail-scissors and thoughtlessly pocketing the pill-box with its contest.


Ha, Bunter is such a sly fox. This whole scene made my day.