Clouds of Witness - Dorothy L. Sayers

There, among the cacti, was certainly the clear mark of some oblong object, with corners, that had been stood out of sight on the earth behind the pots.

"It´s a good thing Gerald´s gardener ain´t one of those conscientious blighters that can´t even let a cactus alone for the winter," said Lord Peter, "or he´d´ve tenderly lifted these little drooping heads - oh! damn and blast the beastly plant for a crimson porcupine! You measure it."

Parker measured it.


Wimsey´s struggle with a cactus made me smile. I´m already liking this book a lot.


Lord Peter and detective Parker have a look at the crime scene. They haven´t a lot to work with, though, since the local police didn´t care too much in keeping the evidence in a prestine condition. Amateur forensic expert Lord Peter Wimsey must be annoyed by this.