The Mitford Murders - Jessica Fellowes

I´m not very far into the story and I already have an issue with the plot, especially the setup of the novel and the introduction of the main character, Louisa.


The novel starts off with Louisa living with her mother and uncle. Her uncle is a dangerous man, who wants to force Louisa into prostitution, so he can pay off some of his debts. Louisa devices a plan to escape her uncle: she´s applying for a job at the Mitford household (Louise knows about this job opening through a serendipitous meeting at the very beginning of the novel). Of course, Louisa´s uncle finds out about her plan and forces her into a train to sell her off to another man. Louisa can escape and in the process she snatches a letter from her uncle, in which she is granted an interview at the Mitfords house. Oh, and during her escape she meets a man, who is possibly going to be the love of her life. Sadly, Louisa can´t make it in time to the interview, but she goes to the Manor nonetheless. And the people are so nice there, they actually don´t mind her being too late and she gets the job.


Oh, and I forgot to mention that a woman gets badly beaten up and killed in the same train that Louisa is taking with her uncle. At it´s core this novel is supposed to be a murder mystery after all.




Things like that can happen to people. But am I supposed to believe that all of this is happening to one person in a very short amount of time? The setup of this book is rather ridiculous.