Dune - Frank Herbert

Denis Villeneuve is going to adapt Dune for the big screen and I´m so thrilled. Both Arrival and Blade Runner 2049 were visually stunning and thought provoking movies, which I both liked a lot. I consider Villeneuve to be one of the best directors of science fiction movies out there at the moment, the other one being Alex Garland (who made a pretty good movie out of the crappy book Annihilation).


I wouldn´t have thought that I would like Dune as much as I do and for some reason I was awfully intimated by it without knowing anything about the story. I´m actually surprised that this reads more like high fantasy than science fiction.

A fight for a whole planet and its resources, opposing families, political intrigue, a prophecy and mysterious creatures (the infamous sandworms), it´s all there and the world building is absolutely fantastic.


The stillsuits creep me out, though. It´s probably the tube in the nose. I´m glad that I don´t have to wear one of those.