The Blunderer - Patricia Highsmith

"Walter, I´m awfully tired."

"So´m I," he said, snuggling his head beside her on the pillow, avoiding the still warm spot were Jeff had lain. He passed his hand around Clara´s waist. She felt smooth and warm under the silk nightgown. He loved the rise and the fall of her middle as she breathed. He pulled her towards him. 

She twisted away. "Walter---"

"Just kiss me good night, Kits." He held her despite her squirming and her expression of distate that he could see in the grey light.

She pushed him away and sat up in bed. "I think you´re a sex maniac!" she said indignantly.

Walter sat up, too. "I´m closer to shrinking violet these days! The only thing the matter with me is that I´m in love with you!"

"You disgust me!" she said, and flung herself down on the pillow again, her back turned to him.


These people give me the creeps. And fyi, Jeff is a dog, not another man.