I have two whole days of reading ahead of me, so I thought I would join into the Friday Reads.


These are the books I´m currently reading and planning on finishing up over the weekend:


Lonesome Dove - Larry McMurtry  Expendable Man - Dorothy Hughes  The Bloody Chamber: And Other Stories: 75th-Anniversary Edition (Penguin Classics Deluxe Edition) - Kelly Link,Angela Carter  4.50 from Paddington - Agatha Christie  


I have saved the last 123 pages of Lonesome Dove for this weekend. This book might leave me heartbroken and I have mentally prepared myself for it during the week. One thing I´m sure about though: I will be very sad leaving these characters and the world of Lonesome Dove behind.


The Expendable Man is another great Persephone book by an female author that hasn´t been on my radar so far. And it´s not going to be my last book by Dorothy B. Hughes, her writing is captivating. I´m fearing the worst for the main character and I´m curious about how this story is going to end, so I might finish this one up tonight.


I´m not sure if I´m going to finish up Angela Carters short story collection The Bloody Chamber, but I´m planning to read a few more of the stories at least. I think overall this collection is going to be a mixed bag for me.


4:50 from Paddington is my next poisonous Christie read (I want to read Katherine Harkup´s A for Arsenic, which means I have to read all the Christie books where someone gets murdered by poison). I´m one chapter into the story and I´m already in love with the main character Elsbeth McGillicuddy. If I ever have been envious of a name, it is that one.


And this is the book I pick up next, as soon as I have finished a few of my ongoing books:


Unterleuten: Roman - Juli Zeh     


Unterleuten is probably going to be the book I´m picking up next and I´m so excited to read this novel. Set in a small German village, animosities between the inhabitants arrise when a wind farm is about to be build in the vicinity of the village. I´m not reading many books by German authors, so I´m really looking forward to this one.


I´m wishing you a wonderful weekend with a lot of reading :)