Love Insurance - Earl Derr Biggers

At five-thirty, a spy for the first time in his eventful young life, he stood opposite the main entrance of the Plaza. Nearby ticked a taxi, engaged for the evening.

An hour passed. Lights, laughter, limousines, the cold moon adding its brilliance to that already brilliant square, the winter wind sighing through the bare trees of the park - New York seemed a city of dreams. Suddenly the chaffeur of Minot´s taxi stood uneasily before him.

"Say, you ain´t going to shoot anybody, are you?" he asked.

"Oh. no - you needn´t be afraid of that."

"I ain´t afraid. I just thought I´d take off my license number if you was."

Ah, yes - New York! City of beautiful dreams!


This book is off to a very good start :D.