The Code of the Woosters  - P.G. Wodehouse

Meet Bertie Wooster, who had a faithful encounter with a certain liquid the night before:




Thank good there is Jeeves, who apparently has the best hangover cure:

He returned with the tissue-restorer. I loosed it down the hatch, and after undergoing the passing discomfort, unavoidable when you drink Jeeve´s patent morning revivers, of having the top of the skull fly up to the ceiling and the eyes shot out of their sockets and rebound from the opposite wall like racquet balls, felt better. It would have been overstating it to say that even now Bertram was back again in mid-season form, but I had at least slid into the convalescent class and was equal to a spot of conversation.


I guess Bertie gets drunk occasionally and he is very familiar with the effect of Jeeves´ hangover cure (I venture another guess that his is some kind of running gag in these books).


But what I really do want to know now is the secret recipe of Jeeves´ drink.