I Saw a Man - Owen Sheers, Thomas Mohr

I got this book as a gift, but I wonder in which section I would find it in a German bookstore. My guess is the thriller section, because reading the blurb I´ve got the impression that this is supposed to be a thriller. However, it is more of a drama and not a very compelling one at that.


I haven´t read such an unbelievable and preposterous plot in a very long time. The big "life-changing" event did just happen and since the characters seem to be complete morons (and the men sexist pigs on top of that), I´m not expecting any changes for the better in regards to the plot.


The translation of this book has a terrible flow to it and the translator Thomas Mohr uses German words that are hardly used in a normal manner of speech. As an example he uses the word "mokant", which means mocking in English. Why doesn´t the translator use the more commenly used word "spöttisch" in his translation? I really don´t like this approach to make a text seem more intellectual by using fancy words, which a normal human being never would use (I don´t know what kind of language Owen Sheers himself uses in his original text, though. It would be interesting to make a comparison).