Lonesome Dove - Larry McMurtry

I just finished my weekly page count and after a slow start this book is getting better and better. By now we have been introduced to two different sets of characters, who I´m sure are going to cross paths along the way. 


My favorite character so far is Gus, who I suspect of having a heart of gold, even though he can be annoying. And I have a soft spot for Roscoe. His storyline is so much fun and he is so clueless about women and life in general.


Every now and then there are racist and misogynistic remarks, but I expected this before starting this novel (it is set in late 19th century Texas and it has a very male-centric narrative). But that doesn´t mean that the few female characters are weak, quite the contrary. I really like Lorena, who doesn´t accept the BS from Jake, the pathetic whimp.