The ABC murders - Agatha Christie

So this is Agatha Christie´s take on a serial killer story. And she manages to pull it of. Whether it is one of her classic who dunnits, this serial killer story or if its even one of her ridiculous spy stories, I never regret reading a book by her and I´m thoroughly entertained by them.


The ABC Murders isn´t my favorite Christie, though, because I didn´t find it just as fun as the other books I have read by her so far. I missed the witty banter between Poirot and Hastings and I was meh about the ending:


I thought it was pretty obvious that A.B. Cust couldn´t be the murderer and I suspected, that the real perpetrator would be found in the group of relatives, who wants to help Poirot in his investigations. Which means the suspence fell a little bit flat for me in this one.

(show spoiler)


There are considerably worse Christie´s out there, but I missed the fun in The ABC Murders. Not my favorite Poirot novel.