I almost managed a black out and I planned The ABC Murders to be my read for square 11, but then I got sick with a stomach flu saturday night and my plan went down the drain. But I still did reasonably well, I think.


Total points: 23 ( + 3 for the Melbourne Cup challenge)



My marker (I simply had to use a Danish julenisse):


One book or task accomplished


Two (or more) books and / or tasks accomplished


Books / tasks fullfilled:


Square 1: All Saints Day / Día de los Muertos / Calan Gaeaf


Book: A book that has a primarily black and white cover, or one that has all the colours (ROYGBIV) together on the cover.


Task: Epitaph for my most hated book ever


Square 2: Bon Om Touk


Task: Post a picture from your most recent or favorite vacation on the sea (or a lake, river, or any other body of water larger than a puddle


Guy Fawkes Night


Task: Host a traditional English tea party, or make yourself a nice cup of tea and settle down with a good book to read. Which kind of tea is your favorite? Tell us why.


Square 3: St. Martin’s Day (5th) / Veterans’ Day / Armistice Day (11th)


Task: A quote about the ravages of war


Square 4: Thanksgiving Day 


Book: Books with a theme of coming together to help a community or family in need.


Book: Read a book that has a monk, nun, pastor / preacher, priest or other representative of the organized church as a protagonist, or where someone is struggling with feelings of guilt or with their conscience (regardless over what).


Task: Be thankful for yourself and treat yourself to a new book - post a picture of it.


Square 5: Advent


Task: Post a pic of your advent calender 


Square 6: Sinterklaas / St. Nicholas Day / Krampusnacht


Book: A story involving children


Bodhi Day


Book: Read a book set in Nepal, India or Tibet, –OR– which involves animal rescue. (Buddhism calls for a vegetarian lifestyle.)


Square 7: Saint Lucia´s Day   


Book: Read a book set in Scandinavia (Denmark, Norway, Iceland, Sweden - and Finland for the purposes of this game) or a book where ice and snow are an important feature.

Task: Get your Hygge on -- light a few candles if you’ve got them, pour yourself a glass of wine or hot chocolate/toddy, roast a marshmallow or toast a crumpet, and take a picture of your cosiest reading place.


Square 8: Hanukkah / Las Posados


Book: Read a book dealing with visits by family or friends


Task: Spin a virtual dreidel – then tell us which book the dreidel picked.


Square 9: Winter Solstice and Yaldā Night 


Book: Read a book in one night


Square 10: Pancha Ganapati


Book: Read a book by or about a Nobel Peace Prize winner, or about a protagonist (fictional or nonfictional) who has a reputation as a peacemaker.


Book: Read a book whose cover has one of the 5 colors of the holiday: red, blue, green, orange, or yellow


Square 12: Festivus


Task: Perform the Airing of Grievances: name 5 books you’ve read this year that have disappointed you - tell us in tongue-lashing detail why and how they failed to live up to expectations.


Square 13: Hogswatch Night


Book: Read Hogfather


Square 14: Dies Natalis Solis Invictis


Book: Celebrate the sun and read a book that has a beach or seaside setting


Square 15: Boxing Day / St. Stephen´s Day


Book: Read anything where the main character has servants (paid servants count, NOT unpaid) or is working as a servant him-/ herself.


Square 16: Kwanzaa


Book: A book, whose cover has primarily red, green or black