The Beguiled - Thomas Cullinan

I helped him down. It was a fairly deep ditch and by bending our heads we were below the level of the road. Corporal McBurney still had his arm around me. I didn´t think it entirely necessary since we weren´t moving now, but I didn´t say anything. There was the sound of horses on the road, coming fast, but that didn´t seem to bother Corporal McBurney. He kissed me on the ear. His beard was very rough.

"I´ll never be convinced," he said softly, "that you´re not the prettiest one in the school."


This happens on page 6. McBurney´s leg is shot to pieces, he is loosing a lot of blood and is basically dying, but that doesn´t stop him to make a pass on a 13 year old girl.


I don´t think we are supposed to like his character.