Du Hättest Gehen Sollen - Daniel Kehlmann

You Should Have Left tells the story of a screenwriter, who is struggling with the deadline for his next screenplay and whose marriage is desintegrating. In this tense situation he takes his wife and his 4 year old daughter to a remote cabin in the mountain ... because that is apparently what Germans do whenever life goes of the tangent.


So over the course of 96 pages the life of the main character starts to unravel and I have to say I just didn´t care. The characters were poorly developed, the writing was disjointed and confusing and the plot was disapppointing as well.


I guess this book should give me the incentive to pick up another book by Daniel Kehlmann, but I think I will give him a pass.


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It took me about an hour to read this book and it is pitchblack outside.