Task for Square 7, Saint Lucia´s Day:


Get your Hygge on -- light a few candles if you’ve got them, pour yourself a glass of wine or hot chocolate/toddy, roast a marshmallow or toast a crumpet, and take a picture of your cosiest reading place.


Tonight I will snuggle up with a book in my comfy chair, a blanket wrapped around me and I will be sipping a glass of wine. I hope that you are having a cozy reading night as well.




I have currently three books on the go. Into Thin Air is a reread, so I´m in no hurry to finish that one up. I have started The Gene today and it´s quite a hefty non-fiction book, so this will take me some time to finish it as well. And then there are only about 60 pages left of True Grit, so I will definitely finish this book tonight.