Murder Underground - Mavis Doriel Hay

Don´t ask me who the main character in this book is. To put it mildly, this book is weird. It´s supposed to be a golden age mystery, but there isn´t a lot of mystery in it. Sure, a woman has been strangled with her dogs leash on page one. But after that not much of sleuthing is going on and I have no clue who of the characters is supposed to be the amateur sleuth.


Anyhow, I claim the character we hear most about and feels like the MC (and who is a freaking idiot) as the main character and he has a paid servant. Which means I can count it for the 16 tasks (I started it October 31th and read about 20 pages, so the 20% rule counts for this book).


Task: Read anything where the main character has servants (paid servants count, NOT unpaid) or is working as a servant him-/ herself.