Jurassic Park - Micheal Crichton

Jurassic Park has been a reread for me and I have to admit that I have forgotten some plot points, especially towards the end of the novel. And I have to say that I didn´t like this book as much this time around (my initial star rating being 4 stars).


Sure, it´s fastpaced and actionpacked and personally I enjoyed the (sometimes ridiculous) scientific explanations that Michael Crichton comes up with.


But there are a few characters that annoyed me immensely in this novel:


1. Lex. Whoever thought it´s a good idea to include bratty children in books, made a huge mistake. Here are two of my favorite conversations between Lex and her brother during a life and death situation:


There was a static crackle. He turned, and saw Lex holding a radio. She was twisting the knobs and dials. "How does it work?" she said. "I can´t make it work."

"Give me that!"

"It´s mine! I found it!"

"Give it to me, Lex!"

"I get to use it first!"


Tim has to find the right control button to swith the power on and thus safe all of them. In search of the right switch:


Over the radio, they heard the sound of raptor snarling. "I want to see," Lex said. "You should try VIEW."

"No, Lex."

"Well, I want view," she said. And before he could grab her hand, she had pressed view. The screen changed.


Lex is so stupid, the dinosaurs can´t even be bothered to snack on her.


2. The incessant ramblings of Ian Malcolm. At first he was entertaining, but then he turned into a rambling doomsday preacher.

3. John Hammond, who acts like a demented santa claus throughout the whole novel. He is an insufferable idiot.


Jurassic Park is an okay read, but I prefer the movie to the novel.