The Séance: A Victorian Mystery - John Harwood

The Seance is really good so far. I love the atmosphere that John Harwood creates with his writing and the way the novel is structured kind of reminds me of Wilkie Collins´ works.


And it´s a book that could be used for a variety of squares:

There is a haunted house, there are ghosts and supernatural elements in the story, the house is surrounded by a dark and gloomy wood, it fits the horror genre and the gothic square, a huge part of the story takes place in London (even though the haunted house is outside of London) and since the book has been published in 2008 it fits the "Modern Masters of Horror" square as well. It could even fit the locked room mystery square, although I don´t think that it would be the perfect book for that one.


I decided to go for the haunted house square with this novel.