The Moonspinners - Mary Stewart

One of my most dreaded Halloween bingo squares, because


  1. I didn´t enjoy and did not finish Mary Stewarts The Crystal Cave
  2. romantic suspense novels are either a hit or a miss for me, depending on how heavily the plot relies on the romance and how sympathetic I feel towards the characters. 


I have to say, though, that Mary Stewart has some gorgeous description of Crete in the first chapter. And she managed to make me smile:


Yet here was a Dane, a well-rounded, well-found Dane (and the Danes have possibly the best food in Europe), recommending the food in a Greek village taverna.


Yeah, I don´t think that Danes have the best food in all of Europe (personally for me this title goes to Italy). Sure they have some very nice food, they use a lot of cream while cooking and they have Bacon and the traditional Danish hot dog, both food made in heaven. But equally they have (in my opinion) the most horrible food ever, called Svensk Pølseret (which consists of potatoes, sausages, onions, cream, tomato purèe, spices):




Just looking at this picture gives me the shivers.