Thin Air - Michelle Paver

Two days in and we´ve only done five miles. Like some loathsome dragon, the glacier flings obstacles in our way: ridges, crevasses, boulders bigger than cathedrals. It won´t even allow us a glimpse of the mountain.


When it´s coming to stories about mountaineering, I´m always wondering what´s the driving force behind the incessant urge of rockclimbers to venture into one of the most inhospitable regions of the earth. The cracking of the ice and the constant avalanches would freak me out, let alone the biting cold, the lack of oxygen and the general feeling of sickness caused by the high altitude.


I´m about halfway through and the ghost made it´s first appearance. Even though I´m not exactly sure if it really is a ghost that the MC saw or if he merely had some kind of hallucination. And the tension between the members of the group, especially between the two brothers, doesn´t bode well either. I´m really enjoying this story so far.