The Thin Man - Dashiell Hammett

"Have it your own way," she said, "but I always thought detectives waited until they had every little detail fixed in -"

"And then wonder why the suspects had time to get to the farthest country that has no extradition treaty."

She laughed. "All right, all right. Still want to leave for San Francisco tomorrow?"

"Not unless you´re in a hurry. Let´s stick around a while. This excitement has put us behind in our drink."


I did it. I´m done with this book.




Ugh, this book and the ending. All of a sudden Nick pulls the murderer and the motive out of a hat and I´m just thinking "whatever".


But I would like to ask, has anyone else been impressed by Nick explaining the case to Nora? He must have had quite a few drinks under his belt to form so many coherent sentences in a row.


And another question (for OB and Moonlight): Am I allowed to use this buddy read for a square of my own choosing, whether or not it fits the description of the square?