The Thin Man - Dashiell Hammett

I found the piece she wanted and told her, almost word for word, what had been done and said at Mimi´s.

"I don´t believe it," she said. "You made it up. There aren´t any people like that. What´s the matter with them? Are they the first of a new race of monsters?"

"I just tell you what happens; I don´t explain it."

"How would you explain it? There doesn´t seem to be a single one in the family - now that Mimi´s turned against her Chris - who has even the slightest reasonably friendly feeling for any of the others, and yet there´s something very alike in all of them."

"Maybe that explains it." I suggested.


It took them half of the book to figure out that all the members of the Wynant family are crazy sociopaths. In their defence, though, it might be hard to catch up on such behaviour if your brain is swimming in booze twenty-four seven.