Farewell, My Lovely - Raymond Chandler, Colin Dexter

I slit one down the middle. The mouthpiece part was pretty tough to slit. Okey, I was a tough guy, I slit it anyway. See, can you stop me?


Raymond Chandlers writing is brilliant and it gets even better, when Marlowe talks to other characters:


"Philip Marlowe, Private Investigator. One of those guys, huh? Jesus, you look tough enough. What was you doing all the that time?"

"All what time?"

"All the time this Malloy was twisting the neck of this smoke."

"Oh, that happened in another room," I said. "Malloy hadn´t promised me he was to break anybody´s neck."

"Ride me," Nulty said bitterly. "Okey, go ahead and ride me. Everybody else does. What´s another one matter? Poor old Nulty. Let´s go on up and throw a couple of nifties at him. Always good for a laugh, Nulty is."

"I´m not trying to ride anybody," I said. "That´s the way it happened - in another room."

"Oh, sure," Nulty said through a fan of rank cigar smoke. "I was down there and saw it, didn´t I? Don´t you pack no rod?"

"Not on that kind of job."

"What kind of a job?"

"I was looking for a barber who had run away from his wife. She tought he could be persuaded to come home."

"You mean a dinge?"

"No, a Greek."

"Okey," Nulty said and spit into his waste basket. "Okey. You met the big guy how?"

"I told you already. I just happened to be there. He threw a negro out of the doors of Florian´s and I unwisely poked my head in to see what was happening. So he took me upstairs."

"You mean he stuck you up?"

"No, he didn´t have the gun then. At least, he didn´t show one. He took the gun away from Montgomery, probably. He just picked me up. I´m kind of cute sometimes."



Hats off to Nulty for keeping up with Marlowe´s explanations.