Final Girls - Riley Sager

(...don´t ask my where I am at in the audiobook. I´m listening to this on the Scribd app and this shoddy app doesn´t show me how many minutes of my audiobook I have listened to).


Quincey and her friends went on a weekend trip to a cabin in the woods, a serial killer killed all of her friends and Quincey is the sole survivor. Hence she became one of the final girls (besides having a career as a baking blogger).


I just listened to the first flashback of what has happened in the cabin. Quincey gets forced by her best friend, Janelle, to share a room with her maybe boyfriend Greg. And what does a 19-year old female college student think of in a situation like that? Of course, she thinks of the most tropey thing ever: loosing her virginity.


I haven´t made up my mind yet, but I have a hunch that this book might not be for me.