...and books I might use as a swap for my initial picks.


Haunted House:


The Seance - John Harwood 


This might also qualify for the gothic, ghost and supernatural square.


In the dark, dark woods:


Jurassic Park - Micheal Crichton  


A jungle qualifies for this square, right? I would love to reread this book. It´s so much fun. Plus I could use Endless Night by Agatha Christie for the Murder Most foul square, which is a better fit anyway.




All You Need Is Kill - Hiroshi Sakurazaka


The Tom Cruise movie Edge of Tomorrow is based on this book and it´s been quite an enjoyable read. If someone is unsure what to read for this square and said person like action-packed books, I can highly recommend this one.


Chilling Children:


A Head Full of Ghosts - Paul G. Tremblay


This book sounds creepy. I won´t read it this year for personal reasons, but maybe some of you would like to pick this one up. This one would qualify for the Modern Masters of Horror as well.


Serial / Spree Killer:


The Alienist - Caleb Carr


The odds are high that I will be reading The Alienist instead of the Ann Rule book I have choosen at first. The upcoming TV show makes me really want to read this novel and I have totally forgotten that it´s been on my TBR.


Book swaps I have already decided on:


The Cry of the Owl - Patricia Highsmith  Whose Body? (Lord Peter Wimsey Mysteries, #1) - Dorothy L. Sayers  


I will be reading The Cry of the Owl by Patricia Highsmith instead of Bodies of Water for the terrifying women square. Thanks BT for recommending this novel :).

And I´m going to read Whose Body? by Dorothy L. Sayers instead of Christie´s first Tommy and Tuppence novel for the Darkest London square.