Ilias - Homer, Karl Ferdinand Lempp

I´m really enjoying The Iliad so far. Not because of all the blodshed (which so far has taken up most of the pages), but because of the characters, heroes, gods, mythological people ... I´m not exactly sure what to call them.


Achilles pouts and refuses to fight in the war because Agamenon has taken his war trophy Briseis from him. But he needs Achilles, so he wants to lure him back into the fight. So besides offering to give Briseis back to Achilles, he offers seven shining tripods, which haven´t been used before, and a whole bunch of other riches (FYI: shining tripods seem like the most valuable thing in ancient Greece. I believe women come on the third place on the list of valuable stuff). But Achilles surely knows how to hold a grudge, because he refuses this offer.


I love how Hector and Helena both think that Paris is the biggest coward on earth and how they show their contempt through their words. And Paris isn´t even offended by the remarks they are throwing at him. I guess he has realized on his own that he is a pathetic whimp.


Everytime Hera´s eyes are getting described as having the look of a cow, I have to chuckle. I don´t find that particularly flattering, but apparently this has been a compliment in ancient Greece.


And in the midst of the fiercest battle Deimodes and Glaukos strike up a friendship and vow not to kill each other, because two of their ancestors at some point in the past have chugged down an amphora of wine. Life can be so simple.