The Song of Achilles - Madeline Miller Ilias - Homer, Karl Ferdinand Lempp

The Song of Achilles is a retelling of the Illiad told from the perspective of Patroclus, Achilles loyal friend, companion during the Trojan war and his possible love interest. You might have guessed it already, this is fan-fiction for all the Patroclus/Achilles shippers out there.


I have a basic knowledge of the Iliad (I haven´t read it), so when it comes to the story this book is as exciting as athlete´s foot. Still, this is the reason why I keep on reading this novel:


People die

(show spoiler)


I can´t wait for the moment when they are going to war and the spoiler becomes reality. This novel is a YA romance in the disguise of historical fantasy. I´m not amused.


So far the book has been about Patroclus and Achilles, growing up together, staying on a mountain with Chiron (yes, the half horse-half-man-guy) and falling in love. Add to that Achilles´ manipulating and somewhat evil mother Thetis (who is great, btw) and you get a lot of angst, jealousy and lovey-dovey.


Achilles might be the best warrior ever in existence, but so far he has done absolutely nothing and he is a kind of a push over when it comes to his mother. But he has a great body and he is so beautiful, and his chin and his jaw are pure perfection. Up until now I don´t know if Patroclus loves Achilles for some other qualities than his drool-worthy body. 

And I don´t think that Achilles is the sharpest tool in the shed. After having snatched Achilles from Patroclus side (she basically abducted him because she can´t stand these two together, but whatever), his mother promises him to tell Patroclus where he is staying if he is having sex with a woman.


memes confused how really funny memes GIF



Does that make sense? No, not really. Achilles has the sex anyway because he is utterly gullible (and he desperately wants Patroclus back because they are so in love).


And then there is Patroclus. Some of you might remember the Twilight movie scene where sparkling vampire guy nearly gets killed by the Volturi. This could easily be Patroclus:



twilight bella swan new moon kristens stewart GIF



Please tell me, am I the only one who is freaked out by these obsessive, almost stalkerish kind of characters? He gives me the shivers.


One character I really loved, even though he only had a minor appearance so far, is Odysseus. I can´t wait to read more about him and his scheming ways.


Btw, I´m going to read the German prose version of the Iliad as soon as I´m done with this book. This book might not do a lot for me, but it definitely peaked my interest in the original text.