Thanks to Moonlight Reader and Obsidian Blue for hosting the Booklikes-opoly. It has been a whole lot of fun.


I kind of fell out of the game for the last two weeks (a reading slump has knocked me out for a whole week and after that I just felt like reading whatever I was in the mood for). Sorry for that.


My final bank account is $159.00, which isn´t to bad. I put a dent into my Agatha Christie books, during the game I read a whopping 6 Christies (mainly her stand-alone novels).


An honorable mention goes out to a book which I read for the Booklikes-opoly and yet I´m not able to count it for the game. I haven´t written a review for it and I´m not even trying to write one today with my cold. My brain just isn´t working properly.


My Year of Meats - Ruth Ozeki 


By far my favorite read of the Booklikes-opoly. It´s brilliant.