The Invention of Nature: The Adventures of Alexander von Humboldt, the Lost Hero of Science - Andrea Wulf

I´m still enjoying this book immensely, Alexander von Humboldt is a fascinating person.


This second part of the book is about Humboldts travels through South America and his subsequent visit in the USA. As my fellow buddy-readers I´m suprised, too, that he and his travel companiens have managed to get out of there alive. I´m always imagining a rainforest to be the most unhospitable place on earth and Humboldt´s report of how every triburary of the Amazon has a different taste gave me the shivers. And let´s not forget all the dangerous animals and Malaria (they did know about quinine back then, didn´t they? So maybe that was a managable problem to some extent). Imminent death is looming around the corner.


And I wonder if Humboldt will get in trouble with the Spanish government, telling the president of America state secrets. Eventhough Humboldt is doing this in the name of science, they can´t be too amused about that.