Don't Let's Go to the Dogs Tonight: An African Childhood - Alexandra Fuller

This book is not for me. The author jumps around in time and the very short chapters plus the disjointed narration keep me from getting into the book. On top of that there isn´t a single likeable character in this whole novel and the parents are just awful. My personal favorite of parental awfulness has been:


One of the girls gets sexually assaulted and nearly raped and after having told their parents about it, their response is "Don´t exaggerate".

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You would imagine that the author would have some fond feelings toward Africa, but from what I have read I got much rather the impression that she really hates the country. Guns, landmines, blown up people, dogs and the heat, there is not much more to her story. Everything is unpleasant and yet the family still persevere, eventhough war is raging around them. Based on the mothers view, this might not be surprising, though:


"Look, we fought to keep one country in Africa white-run" [...] "just one country".


"If we could have kept one country white-ruled it would be an oasis, a refuge. I mean, look, what a cock-up. Everywhere you look it´s a bloody cock-up."


I´m expecting more colonialism along the way and since I don´t like anything else about this book, I will DNF it at this point.


This has been my second free friday read for the Booklikes-opoly.


Page count: 301 pages - DNF at page 99

Money earned: $2.00


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