One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest: 50th Anniversary Edition - Ken Kesey, John C. O'Reilly

I haven´t listened to this audiobook once in the last three weeks, so I will DNF it. The narrator does a reasonably good job, but the story just isn´t for me.

I have already deleted the audiobook from my phone (that´s how much I liked it), so I´m not exactly sure how many minutes I have listened to (i guess it´s been about 3-4 hours). Since I don´t exactly know I will net 2 hours of listening time, which amounts to approximately 50 pages read in the print version.


Ken Kersey has been born before 1955 and this has been one of my Memorial Day extra rolls.


Page Count: 320 pages - DNF at approx. 50 pages

Money earned: $1.00