Golden Hill - Francis Spufford

The author surely has a way of bloating up his sentences:


"When he had ate his fill, and proceeded from the urgent first cup and necessary second to the voluntary third which might be toyed with at leisure, without any particular outcry seeming to suggest he should be on his guard, he leant back, spread the city´s news before him, and, by glances between the items, took a longer survey of the room."


There is no way that I can stick with this writing style, so I will DNF at page 42. Which amounts to a progress of 12.2% in the book. This has to be one of my fastest DNFs ever.


Since I read more than 10% of this book, I´m allowed to net $1.00 for my Booklikes-opoly.


Page count: DNF at page 42 out of 344 pages.

Money earned: $1.00